Carpet Cleaning Services in Calgary

Carpet Cleaning Services in Calgary

Appa  Commercial Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Calgary

Why do we need to provide professional carpet cleaning services is that dust mites, pollutants, and mold can quickly build up deep under carpet surfaces. This can become harmful to ones overall health & well-being if the carpets are not cleaned on a regular basis. Dust mites are microscopic and may not be seen with the naked eye, however they often leave behind fecal matter and body fragments. Various air pollutants from everyday dirt & dust, pet-particles, even toxic airborne gases can become trapped within the carpet’s fabric. In areas with high humidity levels, moisture can cause mold & mildew build up that sink deep into the carpet fibres. Having good carpet cleaning regularly can prevent any of these particles from being inhaled or ingested.

Appa carpet cleaning services uses quality & eco-friendly cleaning supplies along with best cleaning practices. Our deep cleaning methods uses steam-vacuum along with a pre-spray or deep-spray that kills off bacteria and a powerful suction lifts all particles into the vacuum hold. We use this process for all carpeted areas, area rugs, and upholstery. For tough stains we treat it with a spot-cleaning solution.

Appa carpet cleaning services will give you a lot of benefits through their professionals. Carpet cleaning in high traffic areas can promote a healthy living environment by improving the air quality of your commercial or residential space. Not only does it improve the aesthetic feature of your carpets, it also rids the carpet of possible toxic pollutants and can reduce the possibility of allergies to those who may be sensitive to such things. Depending on the area you live in, high humidity and moisture levels may contribute to mold and mildew growth. Having your carpet cleaned professionally can help rid your home of these toxic spores that may be released into the air. Think about the quality of air that you are breathing in everyday as well as your family members.

By scheduling carpet cleaning services today, or referring someone to Appa, we will give you 10% off your next Cleaning Service. We offer affordable prices for a high-quality cleaning & can also bundle & package services to fit your needs. Please call us for a FREE ESTIMATES.